Jack Gibb

A shadowy figure with a silver tong more lethal than his blade.


A fairly well dresed man. The hair beneath his top hat, black and well kempt. A face with fine, and sharp features, lacking any blemish aside from the scar upon the left side of his face. His left eye covered by a black cloth, partialy covering his scar. Beneath the cloth, in place of his eye, a gleaming rupy, with unnatural power.

He caries around an umbrella with an odd curveture to its body. With a flick of his wrist a kitana arises from its stalk. A push of a buton a dagger juts out from the tip of the umbrella. Underneath his jacket he carries a spair dagger in case of emergencys, and if he is somehow seperated from his other wepons he wears brass knucles beneath his gloves.


“I prefer not to share my personal life with those whom I do business.”

Jack Gibb

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