"Broken... Torn... Shattered..."


“My fate has left even my spirit batered, broken, and defiled… My eyes, onece a chocolatey brown, now are but blackened pits… From which the fire that scorched my inerds, my skin has peeled… My blood still boils… at least… it feels as such… My hair used to be a gourgeous shade of brown… Now it is stained ebony with the Sins Of Those That Have FORCED UPON ME, THIS NEVERENDING PLEUGE OF SUFFERING I ENDURE DAY BY DAY!”


“I have been with this torment long enough… Your death is my only gate to salvation… But I won’t be so crude as to kill you immediately… You will live until your nerves have suffered every pain I have… Your body shed every drop of blood I did… And your soul screams every syllable mine has… You will die when I have felt the very pith of your existence has been torn asunder… Your tears run dry from endless agony… AND YOUR FINALITY BOUND TO THIS WORLD TO RELIVE EVERY SECOND OF THE HELL I WILL UNLEASH UPON YOU!!!”


Sanguine Lament JackXIII