Eddi D'Calone

you know that wet dream you had last night? yeah... that was me!


Tall, dark, and handsome are three words to describe the basic beauty of Eddy. His medium to short length of hair usually lays parted over the side of his face, with a neaat tidy up into a small pony tail in the back. He usually wears a fine shirt with a leather lace up in the front, with a black vest with golden buttons, and the ruby tear drop shape of his family crest over his left breast. His trousers are tightly laced leaser hose with gold buckles on the outside of the thighs. His Boots are very fine, and well made, the dark leather pressed with twisted bramble vines and two gold leaves across the toes. His belt is thick with the same designes as the boots, and a thick gold buckle with a similar design. His rapier is perhapse the most ornate thing about him. The twisting golden design of the gaurd forms around the hand in an elegant design of an anatommically correct heart, filled in with black velvet, accented by the red velvet grip with a bramble twisting from the pommel to the hilt.


Eddy was born into a very wealthy family, his father, a famous artist, and his mother was his prized masterpiece, the apple of almpost all of his art. Edward too aspired to be an artist, so he sat in on all of his fathers work sessions. However it was soon after that he found out that she was not his actual mother. In order for her to keep her flawless “figure” she was not aloud to bear children, so his father took a mistress. This angered Edward, but also excited him. By the age of ten his brother was born, and his fathers attentions were pulled away from eddy and Esmerelda, his mother. This angered the two of them, and when eddy turned eighteen they killed his father and his mistress and stole away his eight year old brother. They masked the death as an accident, burning his mistress’ house down with the two corpses still inside. Eddy adopted his mothers last name and became Edward D’Calone. Little did he know, the baroness Esmerelda was a vampire, and the only way they could remain together was if he allowed her to change him. Eddy knowing only love for her accepted it, and she did.
The next few months were hell for him, the fangs, the hunger, and worse, the urge to kill. She would not let him feed for three moons, she said it would teach him to control his hunger, and focus it into a power so few can obtain. Durring those months she taught him to fight, taught him how to love a woman, and taught him to hide his hatred. After the moons had passed she told him that he was to feed on a virgin who shared the same blood as him. He knew she was not a virgin, and she had told him of the risks of feeding in certain circumstances. He had one option, because he was not aloud to leave the manor until he had. He spent nights pondering, following a scent, and trying to decide who it was. Finaly he found his brother, writing an S.o.s. note to be sent out in the night via messanger pigeon. Eddy snuck in behind him, and slit the tendants in the back of his brothers nees and laughed as he tried to crawl away. He spent that night driving his old rapier through non-vital spots on his brother until he stopped moving.
The following morning he fed, and sealed his brothers room. He felt no remorse, so sorrow for what he had done. Esmirelda gave him her rapier that she had gotten from her sire as a sign of how proud she was. Little did either of them know Bran, his late brother, and one of the maids were do to be wed when he escaped, and she was aware of Eddy’s deeds, and his only desire. She crept in on the two one night, and drove a silver cross through esmireldas heart, and laughed as she writhed in pain and fell into nothing but a pile of ash. Eddy awoke and grabbed his rapier from the side of the bed, and drove it through the maids pelvis, so she would live her life without ever bearing a child. He let her live, but left the manor, with his mother/wifes fortune, his fathers heirloom jewlery, and all of his needed belongings. Now he searches the world for a new sire and a new reason to truly live again.

Eddi D'Calone

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