• Barish Daraphim (Maestro)

    Barish Daraphim (Maestro)

    A faint tune that has lightly tikled the ears of many, but graced the hearts of none.
  • Dr. Rigefield Cuttler

    Dr. Rigefield Cuttler

    A medical genius who’s curiosity for the undead exceeds his moral borders.
  • Eliza


    "Broken... Torn... Shattered..."
  • Gabrielle Daraphim

    Gabrielle Daraphim

    Known as The Smothered Phoenix. A legend long lost in time that may rise once again and burn with its carrion flame.
  • Jack Gibb

    Jack Gibb

    A shadowy figure with a silver tong more lethal than his blade.
  • Mayor Guildoroy Sinthrob

    Mayor Guildoroy Sinthrob

    The leader of the town of Claris. A generous man to those who respect his town, a scourge to those that have wronged him or his family.